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World Arabic Language Day

اليوم العالمى للغة العربية

اليوم العالمى للغة العربية


How to: Start a Conversation. #003


A: How are you?

B: Fine, thanks.

Starting a friendly conversation is as easy in Arabic as it is in English, the only difference would be when you are directing your conversation to Males or Females and to a Group, and normally the reply depends on whether it’s a  He or she or them answering back

A: Izzayyak?   (said to Ms)

B: Kwayyis, ilhamdulillah. (Said by Ms)


A: Izzayyik? (Said to Fs)

B: Kwayyisa, ilhamdulillah. (Said by Fs)

And finally;

A: Izzayyukum? (Said to P)

B: Kwayyisiin, ilhamdulillah. (Said by P)

Notice #1: Thanks in Arabic literally means Shokran, ilhamdulillah is more of Thank God than just a normal Thanks.

How to: Greet People! #002

Formal Greeting

1. Short Form:

Alsalaamu aleekum

Al– : is the

Salaam: peace

Aleekum: on you

2. Long Form: [complete formal form]

Alsalaamu aleekum wa rahmatu allah wa barakaatu

It can be translated to: Hello, may the peace, mercy and blessings of God be with you. [This is not exactly a literal translation but it certainly explains the meaning perfectly.]

To reply: Wa aleekum alsalaam wa rahmat allah wa barakaatu.

[The same meaning as the previous one.]

How to: Greet People! #001

In Egypt we use a more informal language to communicate in our daily life, while we use a formal language in writing mostly.

For example:

Hello, we just say Ahlan.

And to reply you can just say Ahlan.

Now, to say Hello and Welcome! just say Ahlan wa Sahlan!

Hello World!

Welcome from the land of Pharaohs! Whenever you need to ask or say anything in Arabic just tweet @AskArabic and we will do our best to help you.



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